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Direct Restorative Workflow
Direct Restorative Workflow
Direct Restorative Workflow

Explore each step of the Direct Restoration Process with Kulzer products and applications. Find useful videos and step by step instructions for any indication.

1. Isolation

  • Ivory® Rubber Dams & Clamps

    Ivory® Rubber Dams & Clamps

    We recommend Ivory® rubber dams for absolute drainage of the Treatment area. We provide the brackets for fixation in a variety of sizes and shapes.

2. Prep & Adhesive

  • Gluma® Desensitizer

    Gluma® Desensitizer

    Every good restoration starts with the Gluma® Desensitizer. It can be used with all common adhesives and restoration materials and in every treatment situation.

  • iBOND® Universal

    iBOND® Universal

    iBOND Universal is the universal, light-curing adhesive for any bonding technique and all indications. Being compatible with all dental materials, it is our all-rounder for reliable bond strength.

  • iBOND® Total Etch

    iBOND® Total Etch

    iBOND Total Etch is the light curing Etch & Rinse (2-Step) bonding system. It shows how easy and convenient bonding can be when using the proven Total Etch technique.

3. Fill Direct Restorative

  • Venus® Bulk Flow ONE

    Venus® Bulk Flow ONE

    Venus Bulk Flow ONE is the first flowable one-shade bulk -filling composite without the need for an additional capping layer.

  • Venus® Diamond/ Pearl ONE Shade

    Venus® Diamond/ Pearl ONE Shade

    Venus Diamond/Pearl ONE Shade is a truly universal shade solution for the majority of everyday cases with enhanced mechanical properties.

  • Venus® Diamond

    Venus® Diamond

    The new standard of care with its firm consistency: Venus Diamond nano-hybrid composite. The innovative formula and specially developed nano-hybrid filler system improve aesthetics, durability and processing properties.

  • Venus® Diamond Flow

    Venus® Diamond Flow

    The flowable nano-hybrid composite for aesthetic perfection goes by the name of Venus Diamond Flow. Among other indications, it is ideal for class V restorations. Its excellent radiopacity ensures a reliable diagnosis.

  • Venus® Pearl

    Venus® Pearl

    The nano-hybrid composite Venus Pearl sets the new standard of care in a creamy consistency. It combines outstanding physical properties with impressive aesthetics.

4. Finish & Polish

  • Venus® Supra

    Venus® Supra

    Venus Supra pre- and high gloss polishers are made of silicone highly filled with microfine diamond powder. The five different shapes provide a universal solution for all anterior and posterior restorations.