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Venus® Diamond
Venus® Diamond

Venus® Diamond

Venus Diamond – Beauty beyond aesthetics.

The Venus packaging got a new and fresh look

New Venus packaging

Modern makeover on the outside, consistent reliability on the inside.

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Venus composites

Venus composites

Perfect restorations for a perfect smile.

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Venus composites

Tailor made polishing system

Venus supra is tailor-made for Venus composites such as Venus Diamond ONE and Venus Pearl ONE

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Recommendations of Venus Diamond usage





1) What is special about the chemistry of Venus Diamond?

2) Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl are both based on the same monomer system. How do you explain the difference in consistency?

3) Does Venus Diamond contain BPA?

4) How many levels of translucency are there within the Venus Diamond range?

5) Venus Diamond has a rather firm, stable consistency. I prefer a creamier composite (in general, or e.g. only for the anterior region) Which composite would you recommend to me?

6) What do the prefix ‘O’ and suffix 'C' mean in the Venus Diamond opaque shade colour names?

7) How can I determine the exact shade of Venus Diamond to be used?

8) Why does the material seem matt during layering?

9) Which adhesive systems can I use?

10) Can I use a flow composite as a liner in the cavity?

11) Which polymerisation lamps are suitable?

12) How can I achieve a durable high gloss?

13) Should Venus Diamond restorations always be completed using a layering technique?

14) How does the colour adaptation of Venus Diamond work?

15) Why is the Venus Diamond Shade Guide special?

16) Why were the Kulzer shades HKA2.5 and HKA5 created?

17) Are there also shades in the Venus Diamond colour range that I can use for bleached teeth?

18) What do the abbreviations CL, AM, CO and YO mean?

19) Are the Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl shades compatible with one another?

20) Are there differences in the polymerisation times between the standard and opaque shades?

21) How high is the volume shrinkage?

22) What is the difference between shrinkage and shrinkage force?

23) Are there stain shades?

24) What are the indications of Venus Diamond?

25) Is Venus Diamond a nano-material?


Instructions For Use


  • Venus® Diamond/ Pearl ONE Shade

    Venus® Diamond/ Pearl ONE Shade

    Venus Diamond/Pearl ONE Shade is a truly universal shade solution for the majority of everyday cases with enhanced mechanical properties.

  • Venus® Pearl

    Venus® Pearl

    The nano-hybrid composite Venus Pearl sets the new standard of care in a creamy consistency. It combines outstanding physical properties with impressive aesthetics.

  • Venus® Supra

    Venus® Supra

    Venus Supra pre- and high gloss polishers are made of silicone highly filled with microfine diamond powder. The five different shapes provide a universal solution for all anterior and posterior restorations.

  • iBOND® Universal

    iBOND® Universal

    iBOND Universal is the universal, light-curing adhesive for any bonding technique and all indications. Being compatible with all dental materials, it is our all-rounder for reliable bond strength.