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HiLite® power 3D
HiLite® power 3D

HiLite® power 3D

High-performance light curing unit



Technical specifications for HiLite power 3D:
Mains voltage: 100/115/230 V
(via voltageselector switch)
Rated frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Flash lamp power: 200 W
Fuse protection: 2x T6,3A
Power consumption: 325 VA
Dimensions (H x D x W): 230 x 345 x 225 mm
Weight: app. 9.5 kg
Protection rating: Class I
Power-on time: 80 %



Instructions For Use


  • Signum® connector

    Signum® connector

    Our light-curing Signum connector adhesion promoter provides a secure bond between prosthetic acrylics and light-curing veneering materials.

  • HiLite® pre 2

    HiLite® pre 2

    The pre-polymerisation lamp Hlite pre 2 is specifically suited for fixing an pre-gelling your modellation of flowable composites.

  • Pala® cre-active®

    Pala® cre-active®

    Pala cre-active is our light-curing colourfluid system for individual characterisation of the denture base.