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Pala Easy Ordering Tool

Kulzer, LLC is introducing an updated PALA ® Easy Scan. The new tooth-ordering platform will be launched and available for use in October.

The new tool comes with several enhancements for seamless scanning and ordering of Kulzer’s PALA® teeth lines.
In addition to a new look and feel, the updated PALA ® Easy Scan will operate as an online platform, but is still compatible with the current tooth scanner you previously received from Kulzer. Additionally, the new system will:
  • Be compatible with iOS operating systems
  • Allow in office printing of barcodes for trays
Beginning, October 1st, the current system will no longer be available for placing orders as the transition to the new platform takes place.
As we transition to the new server, we recommend one of two options to ensure receipt of your order:
1. Place Manual order by completing the Tooth Ordering Form (Excel file) and submit to their selected dealer and Kulzer Customer Service via email (, Fax (877-271-5211) or Phone (1-800-431-1785).
2. Submit orders using your current scanner (but do NOT transmit online)
  • Plug scanner into USB port of computer and scan tooth order
  • Go to the Matrix tab and select Save order. (Do NOT select save and send)
  • Select Export data to open order in Excel
  • Save order in Excel and select Share to email the order to your selected dealer and to Kulzer Customer Service at
We also strongly encourage you to ensure that you are adequately stocked on your PALA® teeth prior to the transition.
You will receive more detailed information over the next few weeks regarding the upgrade. Although we do not anticipate any challenges during this transition, we understand that issues can arise during the implementation of any new technology and we are committed to helping you navigate through the change. Should you have any questions about the new PALA® Easy Scan or encounter any issues, please contact your local Kulzer Representative.
Thank you for your continued support and use of Kulzer products.

Your Kulzer Team